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The Healing Powers of Sound

The Healing Powers of Sound Sound healing is a form of vibrational medicine that is based on the scientific principles that all Matter, (most importantly, the cells in your body) vibrate to a precise frequency when healthy and in a dissonant frequency when unhealthy.  When the vibrational part of the body is out of harmony, we have dis-ease.  Once we have dis-ease, a different sound pattern is established in that affected part of the body.  Sound, when projected into the dis-eased area, targets that cell with the precise frequency that it needs.  As the cell responds favorably, sound corrects and restores the harmonic pattern, thus restoring health.

Conventional psychics does not regard sound as part of the electromagnetic spectrum, despite every frequency in the electromagnetic spectrum having a corresponding sound, even if we cannot hear it.So, sound is the primary mover for change.  Audible and inaudible sounds can be utilized for healing. The human ear can hear sound vibrations between 20 and 20,000 cycles per second, although we can also experience and receive sound by skin and bone conduction, ingesting, absorbing and consuming sound within and throughout our entire body.  Every atom, molecule, cell, gland and organ of the human both absorbs and emits sound.  Every molecule of matter is intoning its own note – every leaf, atom, particle, planet, etc…every cell in our body is humming its own tune.  Even at birth, our bodies formed a vibrational musical chord; our own individual chord.  Hence, no two people vibrate at the same frequency.  Dana Rudyar wrote:  “A tone is a living cell…It is a microcosm reflecting faithfully the macrocosm, its laws, it center.  A tone is a solar system.”

Resonance is the operating principle that sound healing rests upon.  So, scientifically speaking, frequency vibration begets frequency vibration.  “Like attracts like.”  So the strongest pure vibration will bring all the other vibrations into uniformity with it.  The fundamental status of the universe is a state of absolute harmony.  Because we are a part of the natural universe, our natural state is also one of harmony.  The body needs both frequency and harmonic frequencies to function in a balanced healthy manner.  A healthy cells operates in a specific harmonic oscillation while abnormal cells operate at a lower harmonic frequency.

20th Century French composer and bioenergeticist, Fabien Maman and biologist Helene Grimal documented the influence of sound waves on cells by mounting a camera on a microscope to study the inner structure of a healthy human cell and uterine cancer cells as they reacted to various acoustical instruments (ie gongs, xylophone, guitar and the human voice) for a duration of 21 minutes.   When Dr. Maman sang musical scales into the cells, the cancer cell’s structure disorganized quickly.  It appeared that the diseased cell was unable to support a progressive accumulation of vibrational frequencies.  When he added a 3rd frequency in sequence, he noticed the cells began to de-stabalize.   Gongs, with their rich series of overtones, caused cells to disintegrate and ultimately explode.  And the camera recorded and graphically illustrated all this.  

Crystal Singing Bowls and Himalayan Singing Bowls (often mistakenly called Tibetan Singing Bowls) are uniquely powerful healing instruments – healing tools.  Singing Bowls are excellent carriers of the universe, used to make the universe around us attach to our consciousness through sound.  Crystal Singing Bowls uniquely affect the body as our bodies are largely comprised of water and water is liquid crystal.  As the bowl’s vibration is literally “heard” through every cell of the body, the frequency vibration works to align with the body’s own frequency vibration, thus affecting change (and in some cases, correct) the dissonant harmonic frequencies of disease.   The crystal bowls act as a resonant guide to bring back wholeness for energy that has lost its natural state.  Once in balance, the body’s system can re-establish that resonant baseline for perfect health, because our bodies hold within every molecule, cell, blood, bone, organ, etc., the memory of perfect health.  This coming into balance allows you to create and become a symphony of health and vibrancy.

In the case of breast cancer, Dr. Maman compared two patients.  Both patients were toned for 3 and a half hours a day for over a month.  In one case, the tumor vanished.  The second patient had surgery to remove the tumor, whereupon it was discovered that the tumor was “reduced and completely dry.”  In the absence of a metastases, the malignancy was removed and the patient made a full recovery.

Himalayan Singing bowls are believed to vibrate at what is traditionally recognized as the frequency of perfection, otherwise known as the Sanskrit Mantra “OM.”   These bowls entrain with our brainwaves, creating a sympathetic response with the perfect vibration of OM, thus beginning the healing process.   Brainwave patterns affect our mental and emotional health and consciousness, thus affecting over-all health right down to the molecular level.  Stress, distractions, illness and the challenges of everyday life disconnect us from our core essence creating dis-ease spiritually, physical and mentally.  The harmonic resonance of these bowls literally pull us back gently, nudging our consciousness back to our natural state of blissful tranquility and health.  These bowls allow the patient to slip easily and peacefully into deep states of theta and delta.  Once the optimal deep brainwave state has been reached, the body is in its optimal state to freely and openly receive and facilitate healing on all levels.   When placed directly next to or on the body, the vibrational signature of these bowls initialize our para-sympathetic nervous system which naturally supports the increase of disease fighting immune cells, transmitting them directly into our blood, organ and cellular memory.  The body is then able to begin to cleanse, balance and throw off the toxicities of illness. 

Himalayan Singing Bowls, whether use alone or in concert with Crystal Singing Bowls, enter the body in targeted ways to lower blood pressure, reduce heart rate, restore feelings of well-being, reduced pain, releasing tension and stress along with creating feeling of peace, joy, confidence, more energy and clarity of thought.

Music reconnects us to Source/Divinity.  Our Spirit, regardless of beliefs, nationality, time or space, recognizes sound as the gateway to the infinite, thus music is tee universal language. Vibration is the basis of life.  As Dr. Gerber wrote, “The difference between physical matter and etheric matter is only a difference of frequency.”