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Religious, or spiritual states all over the globe often equate spirituality with light. And while that well may be true, one additional fact looms more evident, and that is that our spirit is created by sound, not light. Thus, that familiar opening phrase: “And in the beginning was the word…” “The Word” – Sound. Sound in the form of Divine Speech.

Many cultures and religions revere sound so deeply, that they believe sound is what called the universe into being. For the Hindus, all was dark and quiet in the universe, until the first moment the universe created the sound of “OM.” Om believed to contain all the frequencies of all sounds. OM, considered sacred. Om – Divine Speech.

If sound and light are the building blocks of the universe, then both play an intricate important role in healing.

Diagnosed with Cancer? Diagnosed with Cancer?
Suffering from Acute or Chronic disease? Suffering from Acute or Chronic disease?
Difficulty recovering from an injury? Difficulty recovering from an injury?
Struggling with depression or anxiety? Struggling with depression or anxiety?
High Blood Pressure? High Blood Pressure?
Nagging Aches and Pains? Nagging Aches and Pains?
Preparing for Surgery? Preparing for Surgery?
Recovering from Surgery? Recovering from Surgery?

If given the opportunity, the body is genetically pre-programmed to be a self-healing instrument, holding within our bones, blood, emotional and ethic bodies the harmonious vibrational memory that is the organizational patterning for perfect health. When we seek that direct connection of our own individual vibration so as to resonate in concert with the symphonic resonances of the Universe, we transform our personal experiences and begin the journey of healing as we come into balance and harmony with our highest purpose. Priscilla’s dedication and powerful commitment, meets each individual person and their needs right where they are.